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Florida Health Choices Names Xerox as Program Administrator

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.–Florida Health Choices, a program to expand opportunities for Floridians to purchase affordable health insurance and health services while preserving the benefits of employer-sponsored insurance, has chosen Xerox as the program’s third-party administrator.

Florida Health Choices will give employers and consumers a single point of access to compare insurance products and enable them to enroll in a product that best meets their needs. The offerings will include health insurance plans, health maintenance organization plans, prepaid services and service contracts.

“The process of choosing a third-party administrator was driven by our mandate to find a partner who has the systems in place to quickly and effectively support our program’s goal — removing the barriers between people who deserve quality health care and the providers who want to make sure they get it,” said Aaron Bean, chairman, board of directors, Florida Health Choices. “We’re confident our partnership with Xerox will best serve Floridians now and into the future.”

Xerox will provide Florida Health Choices with innovation that includes a web portal and online plan selection tools to give consumers and employers more information when making health insurance selections. Other services by Xerox and its partner CHOICE Administrators include operating a statewide customer contact center and providing eligibility determination, enrollment management and financial services to support the insurance carriers within the Florida Health Choices Marketplace.

“With Florida Health Choices, the state is a leader in establishing solutions for small business utilizing an insurance marketplace, and Xerox is positioned to support programs designed to increase access to health coverage for all consumers,” said Will Saunders, group president, Government Healthcare Solutions, Xerox.

The Florida Health Choices program and Florida Health Choices, Inc. were established by the Florida Legislature to provide improved access to affordable, quality health care for its residents.

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