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Florida Health Choices Names Members of Agent Steering Committee

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Gearing up for the launch of Florida’s Insurance Marketplace, Florida Health Choices, Inc. has named representatives from Florida’s insurance industry to serve on its Agent Steering Committee. The volunteer steering committee is comprised primarily of insurance agents licensed in the State of Florida, all of whom have extensive experience at all levels of the insurance industry. Members of the newly formed committee are:

Jerome Ashford
Marlo DeMoss
Bonnie Hauck Evelyn
Donna Fogle
Tony Martely
Corey McMeeking
Pam Mims
D. David Russell
Terri Seefeldt
Kenneth Stevenson
Charles Stout

The Agent Steering Committee will be providing suggestions and advice regarding program design and other aspects of the Marketplace to ensure that the services offered are meeting customer needs. Areas of consideration for input from the Agent Steering Committee will include:

  • Program eligibility criteria for agents/buyer’s representatives
  • Agent training requirements and opportunities for continuing education
  • Terms and conditions of agent participation
  • Development of compensation recommendations and participation fees
  • Identification of efficient referral processes to participating agents
  • Agent portal testing during development and possible future enhancements

Ceridian Exchange Services, LLC in partnership with eHealth, is establishing the information technology and business infrastructure necessary to support and launch the Marketplace. The portal will serve as Florida’s voluntary marketplace in which employers, their employees, agents and health insurers can engage and conduct business.

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