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Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace Open for Business

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Businesses and individuals can shop for affordable supplemental health care products and services

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace successfully opened this month, giving businesses and individuals a consumer-focused web portal to shop and compare prices on a variety of health care products and services. Since launching on March 4, the online shopping site has provided thousands of visitors with a smooth, user-friendly experience when searching for and purchasing supplemental health plans.

“With the launch of Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace, we are giving Floridians health care options not available under the Affordable Care Act, such as adult dental services,” Florida Health Choices CEO Rose Naff said. “Plus, with 1.3 million people in our state ineligible for the ACA, the interest is high for low-cost options that fill coverage gaps and meet individual needs. Our initial offerings range from a no-cost prescription discount card to a $29.95 monthly premier discount plan for families.”

In the two weeks since the Marketplace’s launch, consumers have successfully navigated through the portal and encountered average hold times of 14 seconds when calling the program’s toll free number. Efforts continue in optimizing the Marketplace web platform to meet demand and ensure that visitors can quickly find and purchase what they need as additional products and plans become available.

“I find it interesting that our initial analysis of user demographics shows the average visitor to the Marketplace is 18-34 years of age and mostly male, which falls into the ‘young invincibles’ category,” said Naff. “If this trend continues, we are attracting a key audience and will target our future marketing efforts to help them find the most appropriate plan for their needs.”

The first vendor to join the Marketplace is offering five discount plans for consumers to choose from. In the coming weeks, more vendors will join and provide additional discount products and services. The expanded options will allow visitors to shop and compare prices for discount plans that include dental, vision, prescription, telemedicine, chiropractic, lab work, diabetic supplies and other products that are bundled into custom health care packages for the consumer.

Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace and Florida Health Choices, Inc. were established by the Florida Legislature to provide improved access to affordable, quality health care for residents statewide. For more information, visit

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