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Florida Health Choices Responds to Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act

Statement from Board of Directors Chairman Aaron Bean

“The mission of Florida Health Choices has been and still remains to remove barriers between employers who want health care and the providers who can offer it.

We’re on track to launch an Insurance Marketplace in a few short months that will provide easy access to affordable, quality health care in a competitive health insurance market.”

Statement from Executive Director Rose Naff

“Regardless of the ultimate direction to be taken at the federal level, the mission of Florida Health Choices has been focused on giving Floridians more choices in health care and to provide the tools they need to compare available options.

The directive, established in Florida statute, is to establish a marketplace where Florida businesses that choose to provide health care for their employees can compare plans, providers and benefits that best fit their needs and budget.

We have been moving steadily forward to establish an infrastructure that will allow us to fulfill that role, while also assuring flexibility to adjust quickly in an uncertain environment.

Florida Health Choices is on track to open the marketplace in October 2012 for coverage to begin January 2013.”

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