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Florida Health Choices Hits the Airwaves to Reach Florida’s Uninsured

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Following the smooth launch of Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace, Florida Health Choices today announced the start of a media campaign featuring two radio advertisements to air in three of Florida’s major media markets. The ads, titled ‘New Year’s Resolution’ and ‘Young Adults’, will begin to air Monday, Jan. 12, with the goal of informing uninsured Floridians they can enroll in coverage through Florida Health Choices’ online marketplace by clicking The new website went live on Monday, Jan. 5.

“Florida Health Choices now offers comprehensive health insurance for individuals and families. Now that the marketplace has been up and running with zero glitches or downtimes, we are intensifying our public outreach in an effort to help uninsured residents gain access to affordable coverage,” said Florida Health Choices CEO Rose Naff. “The tremendous collaboration, thoughtful planning, training and testing among our staff and partners have ensured our customers are having a positive experience when they visit the website or contact the call center.”

“The important thing to remember is that Floridians may face penalties at tax time if they do not have health insurance coverage,” stated FHC Chair Durell Peaden. “This is a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that is conveniently available for people to take advantage of flexible options and products.”

To complement the radio spots, Florida Health Choices is promoting the Health Insurance Marketplace online, via Facebook and on digital billboards until open enrollment ends Sunday, Feb. 15.

To listen to the radio spots online, click here. The scripts are provided below.

New Year’s Resolution
:30 Radio

Woman 1: So what’s your New Year’s resolution?

Woman 2: Exercise, eat right and buy health insurance through

Woman 1: Isn’t insurance expensive?

Woman 2: In Florida, affordable plans start as low as $92 a month.

Woman 1: Wow! I can afford that. Where do I go?

Woman 2: – but hurry! Enrollment ends February 15th.

Narrator: Shop. Compare. Enroll at

Sponsored by Florida Health Choices, the Health Insurance Marketplace registered with the state of Florida.


Young Adults
:30 Radio

Man 1: I never thought about health insurance, then my friend broke his arm and he couldn’t afford the hospital bills.

Woman: I know. I was covered by my parents’ plan, but now I’m on my own. And, you could pay a fine if you don’t have the right health insurance.

Man 2: Well, I found affordable coverage at, starting at $92 a month. But you have to enroll by February 15th.

Narrator:… Shop. Compare. Enroll.

Sponsored by Florida Health Choices, the Health Insurance Marketplace registered with the state of Florida.

About Florida Health Choices
Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace and Florida Health Choices, Inc. were established by the Florida Legislature to provide improved access to affordable, quality health care for residents statewide. For more information, visit or find us on Facebook.

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