The health care landscape in our country is constantly evolving. As new federal regulations change the way we deliver services, employers, individuals and providers must navigate the landscape to ensure that health insurance remains accessible and affordable.

Florida legislators foresaw that the ever-changing health care environment created a need for small employers and individuals to be able to access health insurance and health services without the hassle of dealing with the “insurance buying process” or only providing a “one-size-fits-all” plan.

In May 2008, SB 2534 was signed into law, which created the Florida Health Choices Corporation. The Corporation was established with the goal of increasing access to affordable, quality health care by creating a competitive market for purchasing health insurance and health services. Insurers and other companies will be able to offer more flexible insurance options and other products geared toward businesses, individuals and families. The Corporation is administered by a 15-member board made up of appointees chosen by the Governor, the Senate president and the House speaker.

In 2014, Florida Health Choices began to roll out Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace in phases. The Marketplace is a central web portal where businesses and eligible individuals can choose from a variety of health plans and services. With a single point of access to compare multiple insurance products, consumers are able to enroll in the product that best meets their needs.

With several phases planned, Florida’s Marketplace will evolve and grow to include more vendors, products and web-based functionality.

Program Overview

Governance and Stakeholders

The 12 voting members of the Florida Health Choices Board of Directors are appointed by the Governor, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives. In addition, by law the Board includes three non-voting ex-officio members, one each from the Agency for Health Care Administration, Department of Management Services, and the Office of Insurance Regulation, which serve as important state agency partners. Florida Health Choices has established steering committees responsible for providing advice and recommendations to the Board.

Eligibility for Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace


  • Florida Employers


  • Employees of enrolled employers
  • Individuals and their family members

Agents/Buyer’s Representatives

  • Health insurance agents licensed by the State of Florida


  • Insurers
  • Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Discount Medical Plan Organizations
  • Limited Benefit Plans
  • Prepaid health clinics
  • Licensed health care providers including hospitals, licensed health facilities, health care clinics, licensed health professionals, pharmacies
  • Provider organizations including service networks, group practices, professional associations and other incorporated organizations of providers

Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace

Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace will be launched in phases. As the program progresses over time, the Marketplace will evolve and grow to include more vendors, products and web-based functionality.

The major components of the Marketplace will include:

  • Web-based portals specifically designed for individuals and families, employers, employees and agents
  • Shop-and-compare functionality to facilitate choice
  • Online calculator
  • Ability to find an agent
  • Back-office product, service and financial support
  • Customer contact centers
  • Provider searches

Initially, Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace included discount and limited benefits plans. As the program matures, additional options will include:

  • Insurers
  • Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Prepaid clinic services


Start-up funding to design and launch the program was provided by the State. The Marketplace must become financially self-sustaining through the use of a minimal surcharge on the products it sells which cannot exceed 2.5 percent.

How is Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace different from an Insurance Exchange under National Health Care Reform?

While both programs are web-based and allow for choice among available products and programs, there are some essential differences in how they work. For instance, participation in Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace is purely voluntary for employers, employees and individual consumers. It was designed by the State of Florida to serve Florida’s unique insurance market, and it will connect consumers with the insurance agents and health benefit providers they are seeking. A wider range of service providers, insurance options, benefit levels, and a greater number of consumer choices are planned for Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace.

Florida Health Choices Staff

Rose M. Naff, Chief Executive Officer

Rose M. Naff began her service driven career in state government at the Florida Department of Insurance. She is a proven leader and innovator in the area of child health policy, outreach, insurance and health care finance. In 1990, Naff joined the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation. Over the course of 18 years, she developed the Corporation into a national model; assisted in implementing state and national health care policies; established fiscal guidelines for programs throughout the country; and worked closely with both state and federal legislators. In 2009, she was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Florida Health Choices, Inc. by the Board of Directors.

During her tenure with Florida Healthy Kids, Naff was recognized on numerous occasions for her efforts on behalf of Florida’s uninsured children. In 1996, she accepted an Innovation in American Government Award from the Ford Foundation and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The program was again recognized by Harvard in 2002 as a sustaining model of public-sector innovation of national significance. In addition, Naff received the 2005 Jack Hardy Health Care Communicator of the Year award from the Florida Hospital Association.

Laura Schaecher, Administrative Services Director

Laura Schaecher maintains an extensive background in governmental affairs with an emphasis on research and analysis. As the Administrative Services Director for Florida Health Choices, Inc., Schaecher tracks legislative issues and serves as a liaison between the board, the steering committees, and the corporation staff. Schaecher is also instrumental in coordinating communications for the organization.

Prior to joining Florida Health Choices, Inc., Schaecher worked at Roetzel & Andress, L.P.A., a Tallahassee-based government relations firm, where she performed legal and legislative policy research and analysis for clients, attorneys and lobbyists. In 2011, Schaecher joined Uhlfelder & Associates, P.A., working with a variety of clients on legislative and executive branch issues. Schaecher holds two Master’s degrees from Florida State University.

Board of Directors


Durell Peaden, Chair
Sherri Meadows, Vice Chair
Walter Nason, Secretary/Treasurer


Becky Cherney
Charles Clary
Daniel Diaz Leyva
Myron Rolle
Edward “Butch” Simpson
Gordon Thames


Jeff Dykes
Liz Dudek
Cynthia Fuller

Board Documents

Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct
Corporate By Laws
Florida Law Establishing the Marketplace


Agent Steering Committee:

Jerome Ashford
Marlo DeMoss
Bonnie Hauck Evelyn
Donna Fogle
Tony Martely
Corey McMeeking
Pam Mims
D. David Russell
Terri Seefeldt
Kenneth Stevenson
John Lacy

Vendor Steering Committee

Aetna, Inc. represented by Sherry R. Baker
America’s Health Insurance Plans represented by Joy Ryan
Argus Health Plans represented by Nicholas M. Kavouklis
AvMed Health Plans represented by Javier Mendoza
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida represented by V. Sheffield “Chip” Kenyon
Broward Health represented by Joseph Rogers
Capital Health Plan represented by Tom Glennon
Centene Corporation and Sunshine State Health Plans represented by Holly Benson
Consumer Health Alliance and Coverdell represented by Vincent DiBenedetto
Coventry Health Care of Florida, Inc. represented by Darcey A. Gartner
Delta Dental represented by Jeff Album
Dentalplans.com represented by Josh Babyak
DentaQuest, Inc. represented by Lauren Overton
Florida Association of Health Plans represented by Michael W. Garner, Ph.D.
Florida C.H.A.I.N. represented by Greg Mellowe
Florida Health Care Plans represented by David C. Schandel
Florida State University School of Medicine represented by Leslie M. Beitsch, MD, JD
Humana represented by Tim Love
Liberty Dental Plan of Florida, Scot Giambruno
MCNA Dental Plan represented by Carlos Lacasa and Glen Feingold
Preferred Medical Plan represented by Alberto Arca
United Healthcare of Florida, Inc. represented by Glenn Baker


Q: What is the Marketplace?

A: Florida’s Health Insurance Marketplace is a web-based shopping experience that allows easy access to and side-by-side comparison of health care products and services for individuals and groups.

Q: Is this the same as “Healthcare.gov” operated by the federal government?

A: No. Florida’s Marketplace is not the same as “Healthcare.gov”. Healthcare.gov launched in October 2013 as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Florida’s Marketplace is created by the State of Florida and is not affiliated with the federal government.

Q: Does Florida’s Insurance Marketplace have an essential set of benefits?

A: No. There are no mandates as to the products and plans offered in the Marketplace, such as an essential set of benefits. There are no requirements for a small business to participate. This Marketplace is completely voluntary.

Q: What products will be offered?

A: Initially vendors will offer supplemental health care products and services such as discount medical products and limited benefit policies, followed by prepaid service contracts offered by health clinics. Other groups may offer health services for a specified amount and type of service or treatment. Payroll services, medical savings accounts and other insurance options that are helpful to employers can also be offered in future phases.

Florida Health Choices will continue to examine the overall health and insurance markets in Florida with an eye toward any segments that can be supported without over-reaching sustainability. Additional expansions to support other vendors and products will coincide with consumer need, vendor interest, and demonstrated commitment to Marketplace participation.

Q: How do I shop the Marketplace?

A: Visit www.floridahealthchoices.net or go back to the home page and select the product type of interest.