August 2015

Five Things Realtors Should Know About Their Health Insurance Marketplace

As a Realtor®, you have a lot on your plate – running your business and helping your clients find their dream home or office. You might be thinking you don’t have time to navigate all of your health insurance options to find the best plan for you. That’s why Florida Health Choices has partnered with Florida Realtors® to give you access to your very own private health insurance exchange. Here are five reasons you should check it out: Federal law now requires Americans to purchase health insurance and you don’t want to get caught without it. The IRS fined 7.5 million Americans who didn’t have…
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Is This the Age of Consumerism?

As a guest of Tom Flanigan on NPR’s Perspectives last month, I joined other panelists to talk about the future of healthcare in the United States. Our conversation covered rising healthcare costs, anticipated premium increases, rate regulation, expansions of coverage, and even ineligible populations. During the show, I also discussed the trend of consumerism, which I view as a very positive change that is influencing the way healthcare is purchased. There may be other definitions of healthcare consumerism, but in my opinion it is the consumer-centric practice of putting economic purchasing power and decision-making into the hands of individuals when it…
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