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Myopia and Millennials: The Trend No One Saw Coming

According to a Nielson Company audience report, it is estimated that the average American spends over 10 hours behind a screen consuming digital media and content. But is this much screen time actually helping us or hurting us? As it happens, a number of studies have recently come out against the rapid increase in screen time for everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. In fact, some of these studies have shown a correlation between increased screen time and the following: (more…)…
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New Strategies to Save Money on Group Health Costs in 2019

As group health insurance costs continue to increase, many employers are looking for new, creative ways to save money while still providing their employees with coverage. Reference Based Pricing Reference Based Pricing is a rapidly growing strategy that a number of employers are using to save money on group health insurance costs. This technique gives the employee the ability to choose any provider without the limitations and higher costs of a traditional provider network. By choosing to take advantage of this method, employers have the potential to save between 15 and 20 percent on group health insurance costs. Association Health…
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Blue Blocker Lenses: Are They Worth The Hype?

As our bodies continue to age, it is understandable that we begin to experience more changes. And whether we like it or not, doctors and other medical specialists are here to help us make sure that our bodies are operating at the very best levels that they can and when they are not, doctors are the people we visit to find out why. For example, declining eyesight is one of the most common and most easily diagnosable issues our bodies may encounter throughout our lives. Worsening eyesight is often associated with getting older and while there are a variety of…
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Almost one year ago, I wrote a blog titled “What’s in a brand?” In it, I reviewed Florida Health Choices’ first use of the tagline “Health Insurance Marketplace,” the reason it was chosen as our official slogan, and our efforts to develop and protect the brand. A few days later, on January 30, 2015, attorneys representing Florida Health Choices formally filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (Application number 86515931). The application describes the logo as it is used by Florida Health Choices and registered with the state’s Division of Corporations, including an artistic arc over…
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Shopping for Health this Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and there’s one must-have for every shopping list: health insurance. To help you navigate the process, I’ve compiled a list of the four things you need to know when choosing and enrolling in a health plan. If you are looking for a health plan for yourself, your children, or the whole family that will start providing coverage on January 1, you have until December 15 to enroll online or over the phone. Your health plan selection is important and deserves time for consideration, so start early and don’t wait until the last day to enroll. If you don’t enroll by…
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Why I Am Thankful for My Health Insurance

Like many others, I have been making plans for the Thanksgiving holiday including travel, family, menus, football, and other fun activities. It is the time of year when I think about all that I am thankful for. This year, I am especially thankful to have been present for the birth of my first grandchild, an experience I may not have ever had without health insurance. You see, ten years ago, my health insurance covered the routine primary care, specialist office visits, and diagnostic tests that led to a rare, life-threatening diagnosis. When the prognosis came back, the doctors were not…
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Seven Tips For the Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period

If you experienced any surprises with your health insurance over the past year – for example, you discovered that your doctor wasn’t part of the network or your deductibles were too high to handle – open enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to make a change. Even if you liked your coverage during 2015, it’s a good idea to shop because you may benefit by switching plans. I hear from Floridians every day who are daunted by the task of selecting health insurance. Florida Health Choices is here to provide consumers with effective ways to navigate open enrollment. We recommend you follow these seven simple tips for…
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