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Seven Tips For the Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period

If you experienced any surprises with your health insurance over the past year – for example, you discovered that your doctor wasn’t part of the network or your deductibles were too high to handle – open enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to make a change. Even if you liked your coverage during 2015, it’s a good idea to shop because you may benefit by switching plans. I hear from Floridians every day who are daunted by the task of selecting health insurance. Florida Health Choices is here to provide consumers with effective ways to navigate open enrollment. We recommend you follow these seven simple tips for…
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Affordable Care Act Not the Only Reason for Higher Premiums

The recent announcement by Florida Healthy Kids that full-pay program participants will experience a rate increase double or triple their current premiums was a devastating blow to many families across the state. According to Florida Healthy Kids, this increase will affect more than 30,000 Floridians and their children. While health care inflation has contributed significantly to these dramatic rate hikes, the premium increases for full-pay families enrolled in Florida Healthy Kids have outpaced private sector premiums by 750 percent over the past 23 years. As the founding director of the program and its former executive leader for nearly two decades, I see many factors that contributed…
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Are we coming full circle with children’s health insurance?

Stay with me and I promise this will get interesting. But first, let’s talk about insurance basics which include spreading risk among large groups. In this way, the insurance premiums paid by one person help pay for the loss claims of another. While this does apply to all types of insurance, let’s get specific about how it applies to health insurance: because it is likely that every person at some point will get sick, be injured, or even become disabled, sharing the risk is a critical part of health insurance. When the risk is shared, the group with the lower…
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Employer-Based Coverage: Where is My Crystal Ball?

A rumble of conversation seems to be growing around the topic of employer-based health insurance. Not that there is agreement among the conversers, but surely the Affordable Care Act is having an impact on the employer group markets – large and small? Let’s see how the following influences your thoughts on the subject: By the numbers – A study called “Why Not Just Eliminate the Employer Mandate?” was recently published by the Urban Institute. One of its conclusions about the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that it won’t be very helpful in increasing overall insurance coverage…
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CHIP On or Off the Block?

Federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) will dry up September 2015 unless Congress appropriates funds to continue the popular health care program for kids. Administered by the states with a generous match rate, state and federal CHIP funding combined cover about 8 million children nationwide. In Florida, 287,000 children are covered through a multi-program, multi-agency program known as Florida KidCare, the cognomen for the state’s CHIP program. A bill was filed recently by Senator Rockefeller that would extend federal funding for CHIP until 2019. With implementation of the Affordable Care Act, will federal funding continue and are…
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